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Series 1.0

A three hour workshop for the creative carefully designed to ease tensions of the mind and body through physical movement and yoga nidra.

You’re a creative on a mission to live your dream.

You’re living one of many creative lives.

You take gigs at every opportunity because who knows when the next one will show up. You bounce from one gig to the next, clutching at moments of stillness and then catapult yourself back into the organised chaos.

You offer your creative skills to others even when your schedule is chokka-block. Sometimes you even create for free, at a reduced rate or in-kind. It’s because you know that what you have to offer must be shared and that not everyone has the resources to experience it.

You could do with a break but find yourself living off the energy of intention. It’s carried you this far, right?

Even so, if you were given the opportunity to permissively pause, you’d jump at the life line.

Or maybe you want to be more creative and feel exhausted by the daily grind of your ‘day job’ and the frustrations of never really ‘finding the time’ to kick-start your vision. Or you might be just starting out on your creative journey and feel overwhelmed by what’s in front of you.

Either way, you can’t help feeling that some reflection time would really help clear the confusions and open up some breathing space.

What if you’re a creative that’s been over-consumed by unexpected personal circumstances and you miss the way you used to feel when you had time to honour your creativity?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to reacquaint with yourself?

Whatever your situation, the common denominator is that in spite of everything that’s going on around you, you manage to keep afloat.

Even though everything inside of you screams pause.

Resilient, yes. Realistic, no.

It’s time to pause and this is your permission.


Free Your Spine

Free Your Spine is designed to release the tensions of the creative's spine, develop their authentic self-expression, encourage playfulness and inspire both mental and physical creative genius.

The method itself blends yoga-inspired stretches, Pilates-inspired core stabilization exercises and spinal-based creative movements to unlock tensions from the upper and lower back as well as release and open up the hips.

Why is Free You Spine beneficial to the creative?

Free Your Spine is perfect for the creative because its structure resets your nervous system after stressful experiences and anxious episodes.

It’s free flowing in its movement which is the ideal compliment for the your fluid mind and perfect for your over-worked or under valued body.

About Nicola Geismar - Creator of Free Your Spine



Nicola is a leading educator in health and well-being with over 15 years of teaching experience and qualifications in dance, Pilates and yoga.

Her prolific career has taken her around the world teaching people and leading workshops in South Africa, Berlin, Canada and the US. 

Free Your Spine was created as an online course for Nicola’s participants to have easy access to be able to practice her belief of ‘little and often’ whenever they like.

It’s a superb antidote to those who feel time-starved yet hungry to reconnect with their bodies.

Online courses:

Yoga Nidra


Yoga nidra aka yogic sleep is an immensely powerful meditation and one of the easiest yoga practices to maintain.

Its structure is designed to take you through the 5 layers of the self resulting in a sense of wholeness upon returning to consciousness.

It’s accessible to everyone because unlike seated meditation which can cause frustration as the mind wanders, yoga nidra is always guided. You simply allow the teacher’s voice to guide you and even if you fall asleep, it’s ok because you’ll still receive benefits while the unconscious mind absorbs the practice.

Why is yoga nidra especially beneficial to creatives?

Because of your lateral thinking which means you think outside the box and include all possibilities no matter how ridiculous.

To do this effectively, you need to be relaxed. Then you can access your subconscious and ideally use the whole brain. This happens just before you fall asleep or when they go into a trance-like state of mind during the day.

Research has shown that this is also possible when practicing yoga nidra.

Not only that, it offers you time to learn more about yourself and identify what you need in the moment.

In a nutshell, yoga nidra is an excellent solution to stressed and anxious creatives who yearn for clarity of mind, physical freedom and space for creative genius.

About Nicolette Wilson-Clarke - Creator of the I Am Creative Workshop Series

Nicolette wilson-clarke - the creatives’ coach

Nicolette wilson-clarke - the creatives’ coach

Nicolette aka The Creatives’ Coach is an Emotionologist (the study of emotions) and an award-winning coach with a focus on Somatics (understanding the language of the body). She is also a Senior Yoga Teacher and an award-winning Radio Presenter on Riverside Radio, London.

Having trained as a dancer and with over 25 years of teaching and coaching experience and qualifications, Nicolette is well versed to support the creative in innovating from their genius.

Her strong belief in the power of the mind and body authentically informs her work and supports her unwavering commitment to assist her clients in realising their dreams.

Nicolette is also the Founder and Creator of The Listening Room, a service that supports the mental and emotional well-being of the creative by the act of them talking and being heard.

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